Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed a change to the state's alcoholic beverage control law that would expand the sale of alcohol in movie theaters and loosen some other restrictions on the sale and production of alcohol.

“This proposal is something that we’re excited for, it’s something that could really help out locally independent theaters like The Little and any small businesses so like breweries,” said Scott Pukos, public relations coordinator for The Little Theater.

Some movie theaters and craft breweries in the Rochester area are excited by the governor's proposal.

Gov. Cuomo hopes it will boost the craft beer industry, and brewery owners agree.

Len Dummer, owner of Knucklehead Brewery in Webster, said, “As far as boosting business, any of the places that are producing to sell offsite, it’s going to help them because it’s another avenue to sale for.”

Dummer believes it would also lead to the expansion of many craft breweries, giving them more outlets to distribute and sell their local brews.

The Little Theater already sells alcohol, but only in the cafe area, and customers cannot take drinks into the theater — but that could change.

Pukos added, “This change would be, you could have a beer at the concession stand so you could grab a drink and go see Uncut Gems, or grab a wine and see Fantastic Fungi.”

Organizers at The Little believe if the proposal goes through, it would also allow them to compete better with streaming services at home, and give them the opportunity to be creative with local breweries.

"Other states allow it, you can go see a movie, you can have a glass of wine and you can have a craft cocktail, you can have a craft beer, I think New York state has been behind the 8 ball for a while with this,” said Dummer.

The proposal by Gov.  Cuomo would allow adults with tickets to movies rated PG-13 or higher to purchase alcohol, and people would be limited to buying one drink at a time.