Adam Bello is the first Democrat to win the Monroe County Executive seat in decades. On Wednesday morning he spoke with Spectrum News about his big win and his plans moving forward.

"So we're going to put together over the next several days and weeks a transition team to start looking at how we can hit the ground running on January 1 and make sure we do it in a methodical and responsible way," said Bello. "This campaign that we just ran was all about new ideas and new energy so we've talked a lot about new economic opportunities, job creation, working on the opioid epidemic that's taking far too many lives in our community and then real programs for children and families like early intervention programs, protecting our families with child protective services, issues like that."

Bello also emphasized his desire to avoid divisive politics and work with lawmakers on the other side of the aisle.

"The message I'm taking from this is that I think people are tired. It's here at home and across the country of just politics, the old way of doing things, negative, divisive. It just doesn't work and I think that when our government leaders are fighting with each other it doesn't help anybody and everybody get's stuck. I think that the message I took here is that people want the government to work again. They realize that while the government doesn't solve all our problems, it is the convener of people, it should bring people together and it can impact people's lives in meaningful ways."

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