The Monroe County Republican Committee has made a formal complaint to the New York state Board of Elections, alleging illegal coordination between the Democratic candidate for district attorney and a political action committee connected to billionaire Democratic donor George Soros.

State BOE records show the New York Justice & Public Safety PAC responsible for more than $800,000 worth of television and digital advertisements opposing incumbent Republican DA Sandra Doorley or supporting her challenger Shani Curry Mitchell. Soros is listed as the sole donor for what's technically classified as an Independent Expenditure Committee in New York.

Doorley criticized the outside influence in the election last week. In response, Mitchell said her campaign did not pay for or approve the ads but supported their messages.

“People are entitled to hear the truth. And while Sandra Doorley can criticize the messenger, she can’t escape her record of injustice and prosecutorial misconduct. Facts are facts,” she said Thursday.

However, Monroe GOP Chairman Bill Napier said his committee's uncovered evidence there was coordination. During a Tuesday press conference, Napier showed a screenshot of Mitchell campaign manager Rynn Reed's LinkedIn profile, indicating she had worked as a public affairs intern for NYC-based public relations firm Berlin Rosen immediately prior to joining the campaign.

Berlin Rosen is listed as the creditor for the advertisements in question on the state BOE website. Under state law, Napier said a person may not be employed by an independent expenditure committee or an agent of the committee within two years of being involved in the campaign.

Reed's affiliation with Berlin Rosen is no longer listed on the LinkedIn page.

"This is her attempt to cover up that connection because she and the campaign know that that is illegal," Napier said.

Reed's profile said she worked on Mitchell's campaign through this month and is now listed as the deputy campaign manager for Nate McMurray, a Democrat running for Congress in NY-27. McMurray said he was aware of the situation and looked into it before hiring her.

"She was a young person who was an intern," he said. "There is absolutely nothing to this."

Reed actually sent the statement from Mitchell's campaign in response to the complaint and continues to identify herself as the campaign manager.

"The local Republican party, and its chair ‘Billionaire’ Bill Napier, are desperate to hide Sandra Doorley’s record of misconduct and her failure to keep our community safe. We welcome any inquiry as we follow the law and have nothing to hide, unlike Ms. Doorley. Attempting to make this election about irrelevant PACs is a page straight out of the Trump playbook," she said.

Napier said he wants the BOE to begin an investigation immediately. He said there are other signs of coordination between the PAC and the campaign as well, including use of a campaign photo in the PAC-sponsored ads and a digital ad from NY Justice & Public Safety which directs people to the campaign website.

"The public has a right to know, voters have a right to know about the integrity of the candidates that are running for district attorney," he said. "Shani Curry Mitchell's campaign has engaged in this illegal activity that calls into question whether or not their effort has the integrity and she has the integrity to serve as our next district attorney."

Spectrum News has reached out to Mitchell's campaign for a response to the complaint and MCRC's allegations it coordinated with the PAC then sought to cover it up.