Rep. Chris Collins is shrugging off his removal from Congressional committees, with the embattled Western New York Republican saying even if he could serve in that role, the new makeup of the U.S. House would limit his reach.

Soon-to-depart House Speaker Paul Ryan removed Collins from the Energy and Commerce Committee after Collins' August indictment on insider trading charges. House Republicans weeks later approved new rules which prevent anyone who is facing federal charges from serving on committees.

Collins acknowledges while it's not possible he could have returned to that committee upon his return to Washington, he will continue his work.

"All of us still vote on every bill and there's 21 committees. You only serve on one so the other 20 committees and the work they're doing, you follow that work. We have legislative staff who does. None of that's going to change for me."

Collins, who narrowly claimed a re-election victory in New York's 27th District, is not expected to stand trial until early 2020.