It was one of the most talked about and highly anticipated races in upstate New York. And now, representing the 24th Congressional District in Washington for a third term is Republican John Katko.

"This is a rough and tumble world we live in right. You're going to have conflicts and you're going to have arguments and you're going to have disagreements. Certainly we had in this race, but it's over,” Katko said Tuesday night.

In a slim victory against Democrat Dana Balter, Katko ran a campaign grounded in his success in Congress since first taking office in 2014.  He's focused on issues like renewable energy, healthcare, immigration and infrastructure.

But this time around may present a challenge since Democrats have flipped the house.

"I'm dead serious about working with the other side and working in a bipartisan manner. That's what we've got to do. Our country needs us. People are sick of the strife,” Katko promised constituents.

It was a strife that played openly between Katko and his opponent, Balter. The two differed on a number of issues like healthcare and tax reform, and attacked each other in campaign ads. Despite their differences and the outcome of this election, they say time to come together.

"Let's commit to each other here and now to work together in partnership, to usher in an era of dignity, strength, security and prosperity for all of us. We will succeed because we will do it together,” Balter said.

In a speech of her own, Balter called this midterm election cycle a "renaissance" in American politics.



Projections had Democrats taking control of the House, putting Katko in the minority come January.

In the end, the voters spoke, and they chose Katko to listen.