WASHINGTON -- Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort agreed to a plea deal Friday that includes working with the special counsel investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

  • Manafort pleaded guilty to two charges in return for cooperation
  • Attorney: Manafort wants to make sure his family is safe, leads a good life
  • No sentencing yet

Manafort pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the United States and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

In return, he will cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team.

The plea deal came ahead of Manafort's second trail related to his political consulting work in Ukraine, including failing to register as a foreign agent.

That trial was supposed to start next week in Washington.

Manafort sat emotionless and spoke quietly in court Friday, muttering answers to the judge's questions regarding the deal. At the end of the hour-long hearing, Manafort responded to a statement of offense with "I plead guilty."

After the hearing, Manafort's attorney told reporters that his client accepted responsibility so that his family could stay safe and lead a good life. He also made sure to point out that the case was about conduct that goes back many years. 


 The deal allows Manafort to avoid a second trial that had been scheduled to start next week in Washington.

Manafort was convicted last month of eight financial crimes in a separate trial in Virginia.

Information from Spectrum News reporter Taylor Popielarz contributed to this report.