ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The Monroe County Republican committee held its nominating convention Monday night. 

Among the new candidates: Alecia Mazzo and Nicole Bayly, who received backing to run for County Family Court Judge.

Republicans nominated Jim Maxwell as their candidate for the 25th Congressional seat, left vacant after the passing of late Rep. Louse Slaughter

The neuro-surgeon at RGH says while he may not know who he'll face in the general election just yet, his message remains the same.

"My message is the same as it was against Louise, as it will be against the Democrat winner of the primary, And that is: An outsider, go to Washington, reform, take care of health care and bring back jobs to Monroe County," Maxwell said.

Republicans also nominated a slate of state senators and assembly incumbents including Rich Funke, Joe Robach, Joe Errigo and Mark Johns.