ROCHESTER, N.Y. — David Leggio's had ten stops along his professional hockey career, including a two-year stint with the Amerks. 

He'll once again wear red, white, and blue in the coming weeks, but on the biggest stage of his career.

Hockey has taken Leggio around the country, and the world. He is currently is in the middle of his third season in Germany, playing for EHC Red Bull Munchen in Munich. He got the Olympic call when he was in a park with his dog and his son.

"Obviously just filled with emotion, and adrenaline," Leggio said. "I was super excited, on pins and needles waiting to find out. Really excited to be on the team and compete. It's a dream come true."

The Williamsville native is playing his third season in Germany, but he has plenty of experience with team USA. The olympics marks his fifth stretch with the American team after two world championships and two Deutschland Cups.

"It's a feeling like no other," Leggio said. "Putting that jersey on, you're representing your country at a very high level. Incredible high honor to do that. You want to do the best for your team and country."

Leggio took a long and winding road to the Olympic team. He never played a game in the NHL, bouncing around seven cities in the minors.

"After I played at St. Joe's, I struggled to find a junior team," he said.  didn't have any scholarships so Clarkson told me, to recruit me as a walk-on. I would never imagine I'd be in the Olympics in high school. You try for those things, but I would've thought you were crazy."

Leggio made a big impact on hockey even before he was an Olympian. During the 2014 AHL season, he dislodged goalposts on purpose when it looked like he would face two skaters. The ensuing penalty shot only brought one skater, and Leggio saved the shot. Three years later in Germany, he did the exact same thing. Rule changes have made sure this won't happen again in the US or in Germany. Leggio is honored to be known for something more meaningful.

"Forever to be known as an Olympian is a pretty cool honor," Leggio said. "For my friends and for my family. When my son, and our kids grow up, his dad was an Olympian, I think that makes me really proud."