Gov. Kathy Hochul and her husband Bill Hochul last year paid $237,916 in federal taxes and $57,085 in state taxes while also donating thousands of dollars in cash and stock to charity, according to their 2021 income tax filing. 

Hochul's office on Friday made the filing available for review by reporters, a voluntary tradition for governors of New York. 

Hochul was elevated to the governor's office last year following the resignation of Andrew Cuomo; she had previously served as lieutenant governor. Hochul earned $230,000 in state pay last year.

The governor of New York's salary reached $250,000 in 2021, part of a phased-in pay raise for statewide elected officials. 

Bill Hochul is a general counsel at Delaware North, a concessions and dining company.

The Hochuls reported a joint federal taxable income of $825,457 and paid an effective federal tax rate of 28.8%. Their state effective tax rate was 6.84% on $833,364 in taxable income. 

Bill Hochul also reported earning $3,000 as an adjunct professor at the University at Buffalo, part of the State University of New York system. 

The Hochuls reported $72,153 in gifts to charity. The vast majority of their contributions were in stock, mostly of shares of Apple. The reported two cash donations: $3,250 to St. Anthony of Padua Church and $4,000 to the United Way of Buffalo and Erie. 

The filing deadline for state and federal taxes in the U.S. is on Monday.