The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network on Friday called for the passage of two bills meant to boost affordability for people who are struggling to pay for medications and another that is designed to strengthen access to cancer screenings.

The bills are being called for in the final days of the legislative session, which is scheduled to end Thursday, June 10.

“The clock is ticking," said the group's senior New York government relations director, Julie Hart. "New Yorkers should not have to face the possibility of forgoing a possible life-saving colonoscopy because they do not have the resources to pay for it."

One bill in the Legislature would provide better access to colonoscopies as a follow-up to a home-based screening test, making it part of the next step in the preventive screening process and is covered by health insurance without additional cost sharing.

Another bill is aimed at helping patients afford medication by addressing the so-called copay accumulator adjustment that advocates are worried can undermine financial assistance programs.

“Copay accumulators are misleading for patients," Hart said. "It’s especially challenging for patients with high deductibles or high copayments. Ten states have now passed laws to stop insurers from using copay accumulators. It’s time for New York to do the same and stop this misleading tactic.”