Brains and brawn could be the title of a yet to be written book about Stanford's Harrison Phillips. The 6'4", 300-pound defensive tackle is today's prototypical inside lineman who can clog gaps and get after the QB when needed.

Those traits made him an All-American, while the brains made him team captain and All-Academic PAC12.

"We've coined the term intellectual brutality at Stanford and that is how I played, very intellectual, can anticipate plays and when it comes down to it, I can be violent and brutal. That is what I tip my hat to,” said Phillips.

He also tips the cap to wrestling: Phillips was a two-time state champ and national champ while in high school in Nebraska, and I think we know a coach who loves those wrestlers.

The Cardinal believes those days on the mat made him the versatile athlete he is on the d-line.

"The physical parallels, the hips, hands, fluidity, balance, things like that that help, but there is also the mentality in wrestling that it is you and another person. You can't blame your shoes for slipping, you can't blame your coaches for the play call, you can't any excuses, it is you let another man beat you. In the same way that is the trenches,” said Phillips.

If the Bills take Phillips, he will fit right into Bills Mafia's charitable ways. While at Stanford, he volunteered with underprivileged kids, every Friday he worked at homeless shelters and oftentimes visited the children's hospital. That's a guy you want on your squad.

Next up, we stay on the defensive line with Washington's Vita Vea.