Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn was closed down Monday night for a prayer service and gathering for Israel.

“There’s a lot of resolve. We know we are going to overcome this,” said Motti Seligson, the director of media at Chabad.

What You Need To Know

  • A vigil for Israel was held Monday on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn
  • Kings Bay Y, which had a presence at the gathering, is raising funds for Israel
  • Kialash Miller, who has been a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces since 2014, was at the service Monday
  • He is working on getting a flight to the Middle East

People who lined the streets stood in solidarity with Israel after weekend attacks left at least 900 people dead in Israel.

Kialash Miller grew up in Brooklyn, and since 2014, he has been a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces.

“We woke up on Saturday and it was very hard for us since,” Miller said.

Miller and his wife were visiting his family in the city and are trying to get back to Israel.

“Being so far away right now in Brooklyn — it’s not only with the time difference — you feel helpless,” Miller said.

Miller says he looks forward to getting back to his unit to fight for Israel. He is working on getting a flight to the Middle East. 

Various community groups also showed their support Monday.

Kings Bay Y is raising funds for Israel. Daniel Zeltser, the chief operating officer of the Kings Bay Y, says $40,000 has been raised to help Israel.

“As the needs evolve, they move from security to support to humanitarian needs, psychological needs,” Zeltser said.