An ethics complaint has been filed against Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley, accusing her of violating ethics rules for her involvement with Republican Lee Zeldin's campaign for governor.

The complaint comes from Mike Brazee, a Monroe County resident, who says Doorley broke New York State Bar Association guidelines on political activity by district attorneys.

Doorley was at the campaign rally Zeldin held in Perinton on July 21 when he was attacked by a man with a self-defense keychain.

Zeldin was not hurt in the attack.

Doorley was also going to serve as campaign co-chair for Zeldin in the spring, but withdrew from the position after being advised by the District Attorney's Association.

Doorley's office later charged the man accused in the attack with a non-bail eligible offense and was released before being taken into federal custody.

Zeldin used the incident to blame changes made to the state's bail laws and continued calls for a special session to repeal the law ending cash bail requirements.

Brazee is asking for Doorley to be suspended from practicing law.

Spectrum News 1 asked Doorley about the complaint at a Wednesday press conference, but she declined to comment.