ROCHESTER, N.Y. — ​Students head back to class in-person in the Rochester City School District Thursday.

The start was delayed a day as the district continues to work on its transportation challenges to get everyone there.

Our Wendy Mills, who is spending the morning at School 45 on Clifford Avenue, has more on the first day of school. 

One major concern that parents may have is COVID-19. RCSD has a number of school buildings that offers both COVID testing and vaccination opportunities. 

“We have eight schools that have school-based health centers, and those schools will see students just like a doctor’s office would, so they are doing COVID testing and vaccinations,” Erin Graupman, RCSD coordinator of student health services, said. “We are excited to offer that to many of our students at several of our largest high schools.” 

Graupman adds that school officials encourage families to have those conversations about the COVID vaccine.

“We encourage families to talk to their pediatricians and their primary care providers if they have any questions or concerns. There are several different pharmacies offering vaccinations and the county is still offering vaccinations as well. We’re hoping to offer some opportunities for vaccinations through pop-up clinics throughout the fall.” 

She adds that Rochester City Schools are doing everything they can to keep students safe.

“Just trust the schools – we’re maximizing spacing, making sure kids wear masks and are doing all of those things the CDC has outlined for us. WE know the safest place for kids to be is in school.”