ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The "Get Ready to Grow" collaborative, led by the Children's Institute, launched "Let Their Greatness Grow" campaign to help parents better understand their child's strengths and needs for growth.

Nadiah Tucker had the chance to take her child to a free checkup.

"I took her to her 2-year checkup and the doctor mentioned that her speech was not where it should be for a 24-month-old," said Tucker.

Edna Colón also took advantage of the same opportunity.

"He is a child that likes to be alone, playing by himself and I was always asked myself, 'why?' ” said Colón.

Ann Marie White, the executive director of the Children's Institute, explains the program offers free screening and checks for a child's height and weight, vision, dental, speech, motor development, thinking and reasoning, and social and emotional wellbeing.

"We know that many needs emerge before children enter school in the age of kindergarten because it's such a rapid period of growth for children,” White explained. “We see that typically in prior years, that six out of 10, new universal pre-K Rochester City School District children showed up again at least needing one area of help."

For Tucker, the check-up ended up being a false alarm, but was still glad her daughter got it.

"I don't ever want to be a barrier to her because of my thoughts of, 'oh, she's perfect. She's fine.' No, that's not what I want to teach her, even as a child," said Tucker.

Through the screening, Colón found out her son needed additional help with speech and language.

"I had no idea that he need this speech,” said Colón. “For me, he was normal. He was fine, but because of the program that I'm very thankful to them. Now I know my child needs the services and he's going to receive the help that he needs."

Mower, an advertising agency, Causewave Community Partners, and the Ibero American Action League also assisted in the program. 

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