The days of going to large gatherings and not having to wear masks in public have been in the past for quite some time. But, there is a push to get things back to normal. 

"This doesn't get back to normal until we get a vaccine and a lot of people take it," said Todd Butler, president and CEO of Causwave Community Partners.

Butler says his organization is promoting "Bring Roc Back," a campaign geared at signing people up for a vaccine trial locally. 

"The fact that we're fortunate in the Greater Rochester Area to have the opportunity to be part of making that difference because we are one of the sights for vaccine trials in our community," said Butler. 

Both URMC and Rochester Regional Health are a part of the trial. Dr. Michael Keefer, an infectious disease specialist at URMC, says they are looking for senior citizens and people who have underlying health conditions, but he says anyone is welcome to apply. 

"Almost everybody out there more or less qualifies, particularly older people and people with comorbidities," said Dr. Keefer. 

Dr. Keefer says the process is rather simple. They first talk to the volunteers about their health history and then they come in to get vaccinated. 

"We draw some blood, do a baseline nasal sampling for the virus, and we do a quick physical exam and then vaccinated and observed for 15 to 20 minutes or so," said Dr. Keefer. 

Both Dr. Keefer and Butler are aware of the hesitation from some to get vaccinated. 

"Not only do we have a message that's intended to draw upon the emotional connection that people have to things that they can't do anymore. We're also trying to live this in a way that allows people to feel that this is a trustworthy thing to do," said Butler. 

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