ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Rochester firefighters spent part of Monday cleaning up the inside of the Community Food Cupboard of Rochester on Nester Street after they responded to a fire in the rafters. 

Maribeth Weed, the food cupboard's administrator, says it was just a normal Monday before they realized their building was on fire. 

"We were unloading a bunch of stuff from Wegmans, we smelled some smoke. I went next door to our landlord and he told me it was because they were welding, which it wasn't and we called 911, and our building is pretty much trashed right now," said Weed. 

No one was hurt, but a lot of the organization's food was damaged. 

The Community Food Cupboard of Rochester is vital to many in the Rochester community. It serves people in the poorest area of the city, along with many senior citizens.

"They're not going to get their food and emergencies, we service about 20 a day. It's going to be a mess," said Weed. 

2020 has already been a challenging year and having a blow like this right before thanksgiving isn't want Weed wanted. 

"I really am sick inside, mostly because so many volunteers, and we've already been kicked in the butt by COVID-19, and we still push through, I am, I could cry," said Weed. 

The fire department did its part to try and save as much of the donated food as possible.