After closing its gym due to COVID-19, ROCovery Fitness is using its parking lot to resume Monday evening boxing classes.

COVID-19 has not just created challenges for staying in shape…

“I relied mostly on ROCovery and running and hiking, so once ROCovery closed, it was just running and hiking,” Kyle Syck, of Albion, said.

But for sobriety too.

“Addiction feeds on isolation, that’s no secret. And you’re seeing it in the news more and more, not just for substance abuse but for mental health issues as well,” ROCovery Fitness Peer Support Program Manager Jon Westfall said.

And at the nonprofit ROCovery Fitness, their holistic approach combines the two.

“Everyone has their own pathway to recovery. What we have at ROCovery Fitness here works for a great number of people, and other people find other pathways to recovery,” Westfall said.

That’s why everyone was so excited for the return of Westfall’s Monday evening boxing class.

“I just needed to get out of the house and do something active, and I know Jon’s class is always a good time for laughs and to get active,” Chelsea Kehrli, of Rochester, said.

ROCovery’s gym might still be closed, but the nonprofit has come full circle — getting creative in its parking lot to start returning from online programming.

“We basically started with outdoor events, so to be able to restart with outdoor events is perfect, it’s great,” Westfall said.

The nonprofit says the opposite of addiction is connection — which is why working up a sweat together feels so good.

“You laugh, the time just seems to fly by. It is. We had some new people come out tonight which was great, and I got to see some old faces. And it really just brings the vibe way up here, it was great,” Kehrli said.

The class is free, and will take place every Monday at 6 p.m. at 1035 Dewey Avenue.