As state lawmakers pass significant reforms following George Floyd's death, one union is calling for the SUNY system to follow suit.
The United University Professions Union says this is an opportunity to make changes to the SUNY culture. The reforms it wants to see address expanding diversity, health and economic opportunities.

What You Need To Know

  • UUP is looking for a more diverse SUNY system

  • The union would like 25% of the workforce to be made up of minorities

  • It's also hoping for a cap on tuition through 2025

They hope to see a cap on tuition and fees through 2025 to make college more affordable and accessible. The union's also specifically calling for 25% of SUNY’s faculty and staff to be made up of minorities.

"We also believe that a way of starting this [is] with the next chancellor. We believe the next chancellor needs to come from an under-represented community. African American, Latina, Native American. It's overdue," said UUP President Fred Kowal. "I believe that sends a message as well, that the structures and institutions that need to change, are changing."

Last week, SUNY Chancellor Kristine Johnson announced she's leaving the position.

Spectrum News contacted the chancellor's office for a response to the union's requests, but has not heard back.