The Brockport PTSA is encouraging seniors to decorate their doors at home to celebrate the milestone even while social distancing.

For seniors at Brockport High School like Adam Juzwick, self-isolating during their final months of school is a little frustrating.

“It is pretty unfortunate, but I understand that we have to undergo the circumstances we are right now,” Juzwick said.

With sports cancelled and the fate of prom, the senior trip and commencement unknown, Allison Cring also says it’s a bit sad.

“I’m kind of bummed that we can’t see our friends and teachers at this time because of social distancing," Cring said. "Now it’s all coming to an end a little sooner than we were expecting.”

That’s where the doors come in: an idea from the Parent Teacher Student Association to let seniors show off their pride from the safety of their homes.

“We wanted to do something special for them, to embrace them, since so much is being taken away their senior year with everything going on now,” PTSA Chairperson Tricia White said.

For Juzwick, it’s a way to show off senior pride.

“With us showing that we still have our pride of it being senior year is still as if we have that school pride, just from home,” Juzwick said.

And while it may not replace some of the big senior events, Cring says the door still makes her really happy.

“It’s a really good way to celebrate your senior year, and the seniors in your family,” Cring said.

Both seniors hope the door decorating catches on. Not just with the seniors in their district, but districts across the country too.

“Any senior out there, take this time to celebrate you and celebrate the hard work you’ve put through the school year,” Cring said.