A Newark company has begun fabricating anti-microbial face masks to donate to the medical community to help fight against the coronavirus.

V Technical Textiles is making hundreds of these masks a day to answer the governor's request that companies re-tool production to make up for the state's shortage of medical supplies. Operations Manager Shawn DeCook says the masks are made of a silver material which can protect doctors.

"It's something that can protect the others in the room to keep a cough from spraying out. It's also anti-microbial. Silver has been known to stop 600 different pathogens. Nothing grows on it," DeCook explained.

Not only are they anti-microbial, they are also reusable.

"It can be used for 30 days without any hesitation, simply using warm water and an amount of soap. The silver will stay intact," said DeCook

Decook explains they've two added more employees since the pandemic because of the production. He says he is proud of the work of his team.

"Everybody on our team said, ‘No we want to be here. We want to help you try to do something and feel proactive and productive, creating devices that can help our fellow people survive this crisis,’" said DeCook.

For V Technical Textiles, the goal is to expand on this work.

"We want to help create a device that when the COVID or any other virus is on there, it has a very short existence, that the device itself is working to starve out or kill the virus from living and producing more germs," said DeCook.