The packages ordered on Cyber Monday will start arriving this week, which means the so-called porch pirates may also be out and about. 

Both the United States Postal Service and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office are doing what they can to thwart the would-be holiday season package thieves.

Tom Fuchs is one of the USPS mail carriers helping to deliver a projected more than 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

"We’re working around the clock right now, seven days a week," says Fuchs.

Statistics show that Americans are expected to spend more online this year, as much as a 14% increase from last year. 

"It keeps us busy, it keeps us very busy, so the uptick in packages is a lot now, a lot more packages," said Fuchs.

But the more packages on the doorsteps, the more chance of theft, as porch pirates are on the prowl.

"It does happen from time to time unfortunately. I try to urge people if they see something, say something," said Fuchs.

While the FBI does not keep statistics on package thefts, it’s estimated that 30% of Americans have fallen victim to the crime.

"The problem is pretty severe," says Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Brendan Hurley, who investigates porch pirate cases. "We are out and about…we're watching neighborhoods, we're trying to get into the neighborhoods as much as we can with our other calls going on. We're trying to be vigilant and keep an eye out and if anybody calls and says there's something suspicious or someone has stolen a package, we respond as fast as we can."

"Each situation might be a little bit different. We want to try to secure the package the best we can so nobody comes through behind us and snags it," says Fuchs. 

But, there's a tactic that is becoming more and more popular used by homeowners and the police to prevent porch pirates from snatching packages – entranceway video surveillance. The system not only scares off potential thieves, but also helps to catch them.

"It makes it a lot harder for thieves to get away with," said Hurley.