A historical Pittsford landmark has made its debut on the market for interested homeowners.

The newly renovated home located at 17 Church Street has historical ties as the first schoolhouse in Pittsford and as a Masonic lodge. It is just under 3,300 sqft with an additional 850 sqft of finished basement.

It took a one-year renovation project, spearheaded by Dan Brault of Coldwell Banker Custom Realty, to transform the historical property into a luxury single-family home.

"It was the first schoolhouse in the village of Pittsford built in 1842 by English stonemason Samuel Crump,” Brault said. “Then in 1892 it was converted to a Masonic lodge. Since then, up until 2018, it served as the Masonic temple here.”

Brault said he made it top priority to preserve its legacy, which was no small undertaking.

"It was quite a process since the whole village here is historically protected,” Brault said. “So everything you do to the exterior, anything visible by public way, has to be approved by the village board. There was about six months’ worth of meetings."

Brault described some of the much needed renovations to transform a Masonic lodge into a luxury home.

“Upstairs was [the] secret meeting hall [of Masons],” Brault said. “All the windows were boarded off so you couldn’t see outside, couldn’t see inside. Just one big room with a cathedral up top. So we took all that out and opened up the windows. They are all Mahogany with as much as the original glass as we could use.”

The dream home, with four bedrooms and three and a half baths is the only lasting fulling cobblestone building in Pittsford.

“Right now, it’s listed with Coldwell Banker Custom Realty at $749,000,” Brault said. “I knew how special this building was. I enjoyed the vision of it, seeing something as it is. Turning it into something that it’s never been before.”