Monroe County Clerk and Democratic candidate for County Executive Adam Bello called for a moratorium and commission to develop ideas for zoning requirements and limit e-cigarette use.

It follows a vote by Buffalo city council this week for a six-month halt on the opening of new stores selling e-cigs. 

The town of Brighton had a similar moratorium in 2016.

Officials say those decisions must remain in municipality zoning boards, not at the county level.

Bello cited a recent CDC report of lung illnesses in dozens of states, including New York. Three deaths have been reported. 

"Monroe County can and should take a leadership role in protecting our children from the dangers of these products, which are specifically designed to target them," Bello said. 

County spokesperson Jesse Sleezer said the county is also concerned about the CDC report.

"Last week, County Executive Dinolfo directed the Monroe County Department of Law to research if and how a moratorium could be implemented. It was determined that there is no basis in law for a county to ban the opening of new vape shops," Sleezer added.