"The problem is it compromised the metal roof underneath so anything that gets in there is going to come down but if we can leave it then we can just wrap it with tie," said Stephen Spaulding Director of Historic Architecture and Conservation and Engineering Center of the Northeast Region. Spaulding is trying to figure out what to do about The Thompson Memorial A-M-E Zion Church. 

It's an historic site in Auburn-- Harriet Tubman attended the church and her funeral was held here in 1913. It's a staple in the Parker Avenue neighborhood.

"And now look at where we're at," said resident Tim Race.

"I heard a very, very, very loud boom," said Race. 

But Sunday the church was struck by lightning for the third time since it was built.

"When people say lightning never strikes twice, it does," said Spaulding. 

Sunday the steeple was struck by lightning and caught fire. Monday restoration efforts were back in action. 

"We're in the midst of putting in the other restoration plans. We're about halfway through it and a lightning protection system is part of that," said Spaulding. 

Though the fire worried residents in the neighborhood the historic site will still stand and soon be in even better shape.

"It can be fixed. I have faith in Harriet Tubman and all of her followers to help to put it back together," said Spaulding.