Two of the men involved with an attempted bomb threat against a Muslim community will spend up to a dozen years in prison.

Andrew Crysel and Brian Colaneri were both sentenced to four to 12 years in jail Friday morning.

They and two others were arrested in January in connection with a plotted attack against Islamberg, a Muslim enclave in the Catskills. Crysel, Colaneri and Vincent Vetromile, along with a then-16-year-old boy, faced multiple charges, including criminal possession of weapons and conspiracy.

Some charges were later dismissed by the judge. 

All four pleaded guilty to the remaining charges against them. 

Both defendants briefly spoke in court. 

"I am greatly remorseful for what I have done," said Crysel. 

"I apologize to the citizens of Islamberg for bringing terror, fear, hate I may have caused them and everybody. I never meant for this to go that far,” said Colaneri.

The courtroom was emotional, as it was filled to capacity with relatives of the defendants and many members of Islamberg who traveled to Rochester. 

Islamberg representative Tahirah Clar said, "This, unfortunately and horrifyingly, is not the first threat against the community of Islamberg but we pray and we hope that it is the last."