Exciting and surprising news in the Wayne County community of Macedon, as a Grammy-winning superstar could soon set up shop there.

Singer and songwriter Alicia Keys and her husband, music producer Swizz Beatz, are interested in purchasing property in Macedon. The couple wants to develop a music and arts center at the site.

When this popped up on the agenda at the Macedon Board Meeting Thursday night, it came as a surprise to many. 

"There were some wows in the room, yes, and a few gasps in the audience...It was exciting to hear the proposal, it’s big news in Macedon, obviously," said Scott Allen, Macedon town engineer, who confirms there is an offer on the table.

The location is the former Exxon Mobil headquarters located on Rt. 31. It had been sold to Jindal Films and has been left vacant for years. 

The property is listed at $2.5 million and includes three large structures with about 100 acres of land. 

The project is still in the preliminary stages, but town officials believe this would bring a positive impact on the community should it happen. Folks in the community are excited.

"It’s just such a surprise to see little Macedon being recognized and out there on the news with such a big name like Alicia Keys. It’s very exciting," said Michele Waeghe of Macedon.

"I think it’s really interesting that such a big celebrity has brought such a big idea to such a small town like Macedon, especially in a place that doesn’t really have a lot of like musical attention drawn to it. I think it’s like such a great idea. It’s gonna be really great to see what happens with it," said Kylie Waeghe of Macedon.

It'd be called “The Dean Collection Music & Art Campus,” because Swizz Beatz' actual last name is Dean. 

The attraction, says Allen, are the three structures on the property. 

These are the preliminary plans for the use of each building:

  • The main building seen from Rt. 31 would be used for classrooms and offices
  • The pole barn would house the Art Exhibit (The Deans have a large personal art collection)
  • The old factory building high on the hill would be renovated into performance art center, gym and training area for artists and musicians

The town is going to try to determine if zoning for the location fits the needs of the applicant. All parties hope the plan comes to fruition. The next meeting will take place on August 19.