The mother of the toddler that drowned in a pond at Casey Park in the town of Ontario says an angel came for her daughter.

Zyvette Marquez Rivera’s parents are still grieving the loss of their 3-year-old daughter and trying to make sense of that June day when their world was turned upside down.

“We need to stop taking for granted that there is a next day because not everyone sees the next day,” said Yessy Colon, Zyvette’s mother.

Losing a child is something a mother never completely gets over, but Colon’s been able to find slight peace of mind with the help of her two year old son.

 “God came for her himself,” she said. “An angel, god, it was something spiritual my daughter felt linked to.”

The family had gathered for a birthday party in Casey Park on June 23. Hours later, Zyvette went missing. The one place her mother never expected to find her was in the water.

“We were so confident she wasn’t in the water, because knowing my daughter I knew how she felt about water,” added Colon.

Zyvette didn’t like the water, she didn’t even like to get her hair wet.

Colon was nearby, but the last one to see Zyvette alive was Zion, her 2-year-old “Irish twin.” His story has never changed since that day and a key detail continued to stand out to his teachers.

“Zyvette was playing with him and out of nowhere she got up and walked to the man in the water,” Colon said. “At first we said ‘what man, there was no man in the water.’”

Zion’s teacher asked Colon if there was a video of Zyvette talking to the sky. The last video Zyvette ever took on her mother’s phone was just that.

“She broke down crying and said ‘Yessy I’m sorry to tell you but you had an angel amongst you the whole time’,” Colon said. “If all of a sudden she says mommy can you buy me that. And I’m asking her what? She’s like right there in the sky and I can’t see anything. The best I can think of is that an angel appeared to her.”

Colon is grateful to the community for its love, support and donations. She is holding one last public remembrance for Zyvette. It will take place on 11 Neilson Street at 6 p.m. on August 8, which would have been Zyvette’s 4th birthday.

Colon’s only request is that everyone brings a balloon to have a balloon release for their angel.