Saturday was the last day of the 18th annual Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Thousands gathered in the heart of downtown Rochester to enjoy a lineup of live music, from traditional jazz to fusion. A few faithful attendees shared what keeps them coming back every year.

Dave Charneski, of Hilton, said he has attended the jazz fest for over a decade and returns for quality music.

“Part of the Jazz Fest you want to do is experience some new music,” said Charneski. “If there is a name you never heard, you can do some research online or just pop in and be surprised.”

Geoffrey Howe, of Rochester, said he enjoys the experience and sense of community offered at the jazz fest.

“It’s a universal language,” said Howe. “You can play music anywhere to anyone, and if you can’t speak the language, you play a few notes and you are communicating. That’s the best thing there is about music.”