Over the next two weeks, thousands will flock to the East End for the Rochester International Jazz Festival.

For dozens of local food trucks, it's their biggest event of the year.

"I like the advantage of us being able to go to the events and go to the people," Matt Petrillo, owner of The Meatball Truck Co. "Jazz Fest is kind of it, you know, we're on the streets, we're selling food, that's what this is all about."

Petrillo and his staff at Antonetta's Restaurant will make over 20,000 meatballs to stock both of their food trucks for the nine-day festival.

Downtown businesses are also preparing for the crowds. This will be Unter Biergarten's second year open during the festival.

"This is our Super Bowl," said Executive Chef and Owner Derrick DePorter. "This is what we prepare all year for. Everybody just kind of comes together, it's kind of really our own little neighborhood and we all stick together for this one."