Doctors in Irondequoit are treating a patient with a suspected case of measles after an adult walked into Rochester Regional Health's Riedman Wellness Center on Wednesday. 

Health officials say the patient walked into the center on Kings Highway around 11:30 a.m. with measles-like symptoms including a fever and rash. The person was immediately quarantined while other patients were removed from the area, which was then sanitized. 

A portion of the center was also closed down for an hour as a precaution.

It's still unclear if the patient was unvaccinated or not, but Rochester Regional Health officials say they established a protocol following the measles outbreak downstate.

"We're on heightened awareness because of what is happening in New York City," said Steven Schulz. "Luckily there hasn't been an outbreak to that degree here in Monroe County, just some isolated instances that have been contained but we are on high alert just because of travel and proximity."

A sample from the patient will now be sent to the New York State Health Department to confirm whether it is in fact a case of the measles. It could take three-four days for results.