Police presence was amped-up Saturday night at a Gates hotel party following a series of violent events in recent weeks.

Accordintg to police, promoters invited officers and security to a briefing to make sure things ran smoothly before Saturday's event at the Ramada Inn on Brooks Avenue. It was held by the same promoter as an event at Schramrocks Irish Pub last weekend in Henrietta, which ended in a brawl and multiple stabbings.

Gates police were recently faced with another situation at a similar event last month at the Diplomat Party House on Lyell Avenue where
shots were fired and bottles thrown after a brawl broke out there on January 13. 

At least five arrests have been made in that case.

"We want everybody to go home have a good time and talk about it, and not talk about and hear about the stories in the news the night after. That's what were making sure of," said Sgt. Martyn Verbakel of Gates Police Department. "The owner of the hotel is aware of his responsibilities."

Police say guests were patted down before they could enter a and everyone's IDs were checked and scanned. Those who did not brnig an ID could not get in.