Although Amazon has said that it will not immediately look for a replacement location, leaders across Rochester hope the decision to pull out of New York City does not affect the possibility for other upstate locations down the road.

"I know that the governor is still committed to that," said Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. "As a city that is surrounded by 19 colleges and universities, we have the talent here, we have the people here and we also have the ability to meet their needs if they decide to relocate and come up to New York State."

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President Bob Duffy recognized both Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio for their work to bring Amazon to the state, calling the loss a sad day for New York.

"Anyone that would fight several thousand jobs coming to Rochester, I would question their sanity," said Duffy. "When we first applied for HQ2 one of the thoughts I had is that Amazon would not look at one of the big 'Tier 1' cities, but look for a city like Rochester or Buffalo or Cleveland, one of the cities where it would be transformational if it came in."

Rep. Joe Morelle sent a letter to the company's founder, chairman and CEO, Jeff Bezos, urging him to reconsider Rochester as a potential location for the future expansion of Amazon.

“The greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region boasts a highly skilled, educated, and diverse workforce that would provide Amazon with access to the human capital required to carry out its mission,” wrote Morelle.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb released a statement Thursday.

"Today’s turn of events send a disturbing message to the rest of the business community," the statement says in part. "The extreme left wing of the Democratic Party made it abundantly clear to Amazon that it – and its potential 25,000 jobs – was not welcome here.

"While the misguided fringe may celebrate a short-term ‘victory,’ they’ve probably done long-term, irreversible damage to our state’s future prospects. 

Sen. Rich Funke also released a statement Thursday.

“Senate Democrats are at least gaining consistency," said Funke. "Their actions to kill the Amazon deal show it isn’t just the upstate economy they don’t care about, its downstate too. We have the highest taxes in the nation. The best way to attract and keep business here is to cut taxes across the board. In this year’s state budget we should do just that.” 

Rep. Tom Reed reacted on Twitter.

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes responded with a statement, criticizing Gov. Cuomo.

“Gov. Cuomo’s first mistake was offering a $3 billion giveaway to one of the richest men in the world. Our investments should be made upstate where we have lost over 1 million people from our crippling taxes and overbearing regulations. This deal was a failure before Amazon backed out. How about Gov. Cuomo provide $3 billion in tax breaks to our upstate small business owners and farmers?”

Assemblyman Brian Manktelow also released a statement criticizing the governor.

"Seeing the deal to bring Amazon to NYC fall through is unsurprising considering how many people and businesses have already fled the state since Gov. Cuomo first assumed office. I continue to stand by my offer for Amazon to come to upstate New York to discuss the option of placing their headquarters here in the Finger Lakes region. This would help revitalize our economy, create some much needed job opportunities, and possibly even bring some people back home to New York.