Forget the flowers and chocolate; give the gift of song this Valentine’s Day with help from Rochester Rhapsody.

The group’s 30 members will be traveling around the Rochester area on Thursday performing “Singing Valentine.” It’s one of their biggest fundraisers.

"This is so much fun, this is what we do,” said Director Sue Melvin. “It's an a cappella harmony, four parts. They will be dressed alike and your recipient will get a rose and a personalized card with the singing valentine."




Bookings can be placed on Rochester Rhapsody’s Facebook, website or by calling them at 585-865-2731.


Melvin says the best part is the comradery and the friendship.

“I think most of us joined for the music and stay for the friendship, so we are very lucky. We have a blast and we work really hard and education is our primary focus,” said Melvin.

New members are welcome as well. Women singers stop by the group’s practice Mondays at Harmony House at 7:00 p.m. It’s located at 58 E. Main Street.