An Arizona woman will never stand trial for the murder of a stranger in Brockport.

Two psychiatrists confirm Holly Colino has a dangerous mental condition, and a Monroe County Court recognized those findings on Monday. 

Colino previously pleaded not-responsible by reason of mental defect, the psychiatric findings confirming her plea.

She will remain in custody of the state office of mental health and will not face trial for the random deadly shooting of Megan Dix in 2017.

Police say Colino shot Dix in the head as she ate her lunch in her truck at the Lowe's in Brockport. 

"The effect of that plea is that she is now in a secure facility receiving treatment," Assistant District Attorney Perry Duckles said. "That custody will go on in perpetuity until such time, if it ever occurs, she no longer requires treatment."

Colino's case returns to the courts in late July when psychiatrists will provide an update on her condition.