Dozens of people filled into Kodak Hall in Rochester on Monday to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Taking a lead, Reverend Dr. Stephen Cady preached about the effects of poverty, slavery and equal rights. 

"The truth is, friends, for too long, poverty has been born on the backs of people of color," said Cady. 

He also called for reparations for acts of slavery.  

The Reverend spent time addressing the issue and the hype surrounding the uttering of a racial slur recently used by a local meteorologist who was speaking the activist’s name.

"A reminder the damage a single word can do. The power of a single word to build up or to tear down, to create, to destroy," said Cady.

That weathercaster was fired, despite his claims that he meant no harm, saying it was an accidental jumbling of words.  But the incident sparked a firestorm of divisiveness throughout Rochester and around the country.  

"I gathered from his message today was that we have to acknowledge but we also have to recognize that in order to move forward we have to do it together," said Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren.

Like the message of Dr. King, Reverend Cady reiterated a message of love, peace and equality, saying, "We may not be perfect, but we are more perfect together than we are apart."