Rochester City Council has introduced legislation to create a police accountability board, less than a month after the mayor introduced a similar proposal.

The council’s legislation calls for disciplinary power over officers on the force.

"We're concerned with the aspect that, it appears that sometimes, the police are policing themselves and because of the way our system is structured it's hard for people to trust that, that level of trust has been battered,” said councilmember Loretta Scott.

"We know that the police majority are really good people who are doing really good work, but there has been a lot that's done to damage that impression,” she continued.

City councilmembers say the legislation will be considered in the coming months.

One of the key differences between this proposal and that proposed by Mayor Lovely Warren lies in the disciplinary option.

Under the mayor's plan, the police chief can contest a disciplinary recommendation made by the board. But under the council’s plan, any disciplinary action recommendations would be binding.

Mayor Warren responded to the new proposal saying she “looks forward to working with city council and community stakeholders to develop a legally permissible police accountability board that will enhance public safety.”

The mayor's proposal was rejected by the Police Accountability Board Alliance last week.

The Rochester police Locust Club releasted a statement in response, saying in part:

"Again we see action from City council with no regards to what we may be able to offer. We have attempted to meet with council going back to October. It appears that there are some on council who see no merit in having any type of relationship with us."