Another Woodstock concert is in the works, and it's coming to Watkins Glen.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the historic festival in 1969. Organizer Michael Lang announced to Rolling Stone Magazine that they're planning a three-day, 50th anniversary festival on August 16-18.

The acts won't be announced until tickets go on sale next month, but organizers say more than 40 performers have already been booked, including hip-hop, rock, pop and legacy bands from the original festival. They are also promising attendees that the accomodations will be far superior to those famously muddy fields.

It could be one of the largest events, Schuyler County has ever seen.

The music can't start playing until permits are approved. Schuyler County officials don’t want a repeat  of 1999 in Rome. Fires erupted around Griffiss Airport as fans became unruly.

Organizers also don’t want a repeat of what happened months ago, right in the track's backyard.  Public relations director Chris Banker said, the shows producer has backup plans.

Typically the track’s economic impact is over $200 million but with the festival, it could add another $100.

Tickets are set to go on sale in February.