A multi-state manhunt for a 41-year-old Vermont man, accused of kidnapping and sexual assault, ended in a car crash Sunday in Pennsylvania.

Everett Simpson was arrested following a police chase outside of Philadelphia.

Vermont State Police say on Saturday, Simpson forced a woman and her child into his car outside a mall in Manchester, New Hampshire, and drove them to Hartford, Vt., where he forced the woman to rent a hotel room and allegedly sexually assaulted her.

When Simpson left the hotel room, the victim contacted police and they were able to get away. Investigators say Simpson left a substance-abuse rehab facility in Vermont and stole a car three days earlier.

Sunday afternoon, police in Pennsylvania spotted the car and a chase ensued. Vermont State Police say he ditched that car and stole another, eventually crashing into a telephone pole.

He was taken into custody and is expected to be extradited to Vermont.