Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan is seeking help with his alcohol dependency for the second time since 2017. Fellow lawmakers are calling the decision courageous.

"I recognize it's a hard thing to seek help and I really honor his decision to do that," said Democratic Senator Rachel May.

May is not alone in her support.

"I think this will be for his benefit and we are all praying for his success," said Republican Senator Joe Griffo.

Griffo will be stepping in while Flanagan is away.

"Well I will assume the responsibilities per his directive and per his title as the acting minority leader," Griffo said.

This session marks a transition in power with Democrats leading the majority. How long Flanagan is undergoing treatment has not been confirmed, but he is expected back in a few weeks.

In the meantime, Griffo says he's looking to prepare for the start to the legislative session. 

"I think it sends a great message to people who may be struggling that you can find hope and support, and still become productive members of our society," Griffo said.