Life can be seen as a series of captured memories, so when Dorothy Kane starts losing memories, Katherine Batchelor of Fairport sees it as if her mom is losing herself to dementia.

“It’s something that she’s living with – we live with,” said Katherine.

Katherine and her husband Glenn made the decision to move their mom in after she began to show abnormal signs of confusion and agitation. They agreed a care facility was not the best option for Dorothy.

With situations similar to Katherine’s, the Alzheimer's Association encourages loved ones to find ways to bring joy to those suffering from dementia.

“There are too many people impacted by this disease. Families don’t need to go through this alone,” said Toni Sexton, vice president of Programs and Services of the Alzheimer's Association Rochester/Finger Lakes Chapter.

“Many families have dozens of holiday traditions and they’ve hoped to keep those alive. Focus on the couple of your favorite traditions and your loved ones’ favorite traditions so you’re not putting too much stress on the situation.”

Katherine said, “For my mother, she has feelings of what is happening and it becomes very frustrating for her.”

In hopes to alleviate some of that stress, the Batchelors are preparing Dorothy for a holiday trip to see her other children and grandchildren.

Katherine hopes her mom can experience some of the traditions she gave her children when they were growing up.