Home or away, there's two familiar faces you can spot cheering on the University of Rochester Women's Basketball team: Kenna Lauer's parents travel to every Yellowjacket game.

"They put a lot of miles on the car for it, but they're really dedicated," said Kenna. "We love having them there because not a lot of parents do get to travel, but they're consistently in the stands."

Kenna has three other sisters, and says her parents have been there for everything, all the way back to when the girls played for Newark High School.

"I missed one of their games, just one and I even remember that game and I sat home listening on the radio like, 'Please do well, please do well!'" said Donna Lauer.

Donna was unable to be in the stands for that single game, as she was receiving treatment for breast cancer.

"I really don't know what she went through because she really didn't show it," said Kenna. "She never let cancer define who she was and she never really showed it to all of her daughters."

"It was a very long journey, but it was wonderful having my family there with me. They came to my treatments, my friends came to my treatments. I had a wonderful support system, I really did," said Donna.

Both the men's and women's teams from the University of Rochester are participating in the Crosstown Shootout to benefit the American Cancer Society. They'll take on teams from RIT, St. John Fisher and Nazareth.

"It's tough to see someone that you love go through such hardship, and to know that what we're playing for is above the game of basketball, it's nice," said Kenna. "It definitely hits close to home for me and I'm sure every single one of the players in the tournament as well."