The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is celebrating a shake-up in leadership.

The new Jail Superintendent and Commander of Staff Services were sworn-in Monday. The bureau is rife with challenges, highlighted by the wrongful release of an inmate in July.

New Jail Superintendent Commander Matthew Vanduzee will now manage the nearly 1,500 inmates housed in the county’s two jails. He’s worked in the sheriff’s office for 26 years.


Sheriff Todd Baxter says the promotions will help move the bureau in a direction that best serves the culture and expectation for the county.

“What we want to see is the ground troops identifying problems,” Baxter said.

That’s a mission Vanduzee says he plans to commit to by treating those coming into the jail.

“Whether it’s alcoholism, social help or opioids,” said Vanduzee.

The Sheriff also elevated 22-year veteran Jason McNair to commander of Staff Services, marking the first African-American male in a leadership position.


McNair believes he will offer a fresh set of eyes.

"I want to change the amount of minorities that are in the Sheriff's Office. I think we're looked at as an office that doesn't hire minorities and that's not true,” said McNair. “We have a lot of minorities that are working within the jail bureau, but I want to get more African-American deputies on the road patrol."