A local Cub Scout was presented a Certificate of Merit by the Boy Scouts of America for his lifesaving actions this past summer.

Last June, Aiden Richards and his family were celebrating a birthday at his grandparents' house. After lunch, some of the older kids went back to the pool to swim — no one noticed 3-year-old Maeve follow them in.

Aiden, 9, quickly realized his sister needed help and was able to rescue her.

"I don't know if I just saw her or if she was saying stuff, but I swam over to her and picked her up," said Richards.

Aiden, the oldest of five siblings, says he was just doing what any older brother would.

"We asked him about it and he was like, 'I saw her with her hand out, and she needed help and I just grabbed her,'” said mother Samantha Richards. "We're telling him over and over, 'You saved her life. She could have been underwater for so long and you saw her.'"