ROC the Future released its sixth annual State of Our Children report card Thursday and the data shows some modest gains when it comes to early education.

ROC the Future is a public-private partnership with more than 100 government and community organizations working to improve academic achievements. The report collects data and tracks key measures of well-being for kids from cradle to career.

Ajamur Kitwana, the group’s chair, said the Rochester community continues to be strong in kindergarten readiness and has made some progress in third grade reading and eighth grade math.

"We really need to move the needle on these outcomes in our community, so we're organizing ourselves to do just that,” Kitwana said.  "Having that focus on the data to drive decisions is what I believe we can do to focus on the children."

There are some academic achievements for Rochester students. For one, math test scores have improved for ninth graders who are now on track to complete four years. However, the graduation rate is still not where it should be.

East High school has made significant gains in graduation rates since the University of Rochester stepped in as the school's Educational Partnership Organization.  It has gone from a 33 percent graduation rate to 61 percent during the past three years.

Leaders from ROC the Future say everyone has a critical role to play in ensuring that every child is successful in school and their journey beyond.