Did Tuesday's “Blue Wave” midterm election carry out a three-term Republican mayor? 

Fritz May, the outgoing mayor, said party affiliation, political climate and women's issues, and not performance, were factors in his loss to Democrat Julie Domaratz.

"I'm disappointed, but I'm proud of what we've accomplished," May said a day after Domaratz defeated him with 58 percent of the vote. "I would have loved to have served four more years. I never considered it work. We knew it would be tight. In the end, I believe the results came from things beyond our control."

Domaratz, the head of the Perinton Democratic Committee, won in her first campaign for public office.

Living with her husband, Tim, in the home where she grew up on East Avenue in the village, Domaratz said she will carry out her platform to include citizens more as Fairport’s evolution picks up steam.  

"It's what's going on on your street and when you walk out the door every morning,” she said. “I wanted to make sure people in this village felt like they were involved with it, had a say in it and were heard," Domaratz said.

Two other Democrats, Matthew Brown and incumbent Tim Slisz, earned Fairport trustee seats in Tuesday's elections.