With the midterm elections now just three days away, local political parties are using the weekend to drum up some political energy.

Both Democrats and Republicans held rallies in Rochester Saturday, meant to encourage their bases to come out and vote.

 “I believe it’s one of the things that makes our country great, is our ability to choose our representation and have a role in our government.” Pittsford resident Kendra Evans, who attended the Democratic rally, said.

The Monroe County Democrats had Congressional Candidate Joe Morelle speak, before starting up a phone bank and door knocks. This continues into Sunday along with a Kiwani Club breakfast and a memorial for Senator John McCain and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

“Everybody has the right to vote, and I’m out to remind people that it’s their right and encourage them to do so.” Evans said.

Monroe County Republicans had Gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro, and will be hosting two community events Sunday with other local candidates.

“If you vote, you’re influencing your daily life," Rochester resident Ed Starowicz, who attended the Republican rally, said. "But it’ll be there for the next four years for governor, two years for some other positions that are out there, so you’ve got to go out there and put your two cents in.”

But whatever the side, the message is clear.

“Every vote matters, don’t think it doesn’t," Evans said. "And make sure you get to the polls November 6.”