The Ontario County Sheriff's Office arrested 54-year-old Jeffrey Webster of Lakeville October 2. He has been charged with forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child.

The first suspected victim came forward on October 1, but since his arrest four additional girls have accused Webster of inappropriately touching them while they were detained at the Hopewell facility.

"If you have more than one employee around, so there certainly isn't the opportunity. In all these situations it was a one-on-one situation, which certainly causes a problem," said Lt. Gregory Shaffer, Ontario County Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Shaffer relating the case to the national "Me Too" movement as they work to uncover any additional victims.

"Often times, we know that it takes a number of people, and individuals gain strength from others around them that are going through the same thing, it's no different here. This was probably very difficult for the first victim to come forward, then we went out and located those others."

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office is working with the New York State Justice Center, which oversees juvenile justice services, to determine if there are more victims.

Webster is scheduled to appear in Hopewell Town Court on November 27th.