The Greece Police Department is investigating what it calls a racially motivated attack at an apartment complex.

“We are taking this matter very seriously,” said Greece Police Department Sergeant Jared Rene.

Police were called to Glenora Gardens Monday morning for a report of a car covered in racial slurs.

The letters KKK and the N word were scratched into a Chrysler 300.

Police say all four tires were slashed and there were a number of scratches on the vehicle.

The damage is estimated to be at least $3,000. Greece police are saying there is not a threat to public safety.

“I don’t think there is any danger to them,” Sgt. Rene said. “I think this was an isolated incident between two individuals that might know each other.”

Management at Glenora Gardens said they did not know about the severity of the vandalism until they were contacted by Spectrum News.

“I was not aware of the racial scope of the vehicle’s damage and this is upsetting to me, and for the community-at-large,” said Anne Marie Gefell, the property’s manager. “The residents impacted by this crime are understandably upset and we believe this is an isolated incident. We encourage our residents and surrounding neighbors to look out for each other and communicate with our staff any concerns so that we can help to promote a friendly and safe community.”

The apartment complex plans to put a tarp over the vehicle until it is towed. Anyone with information should call Greece Police.