When Antane Lopez comes to mind, a close friend of hers hears old-school R&B. 

"We talking about from the oldy oldies to the new old goodies," said Mike Williams of Rochester. "I bought her a compilation CD for Christmas and she really enjoyed it."  

Williams visited the Post Avenue home where Lopez was shot and killed Wednesday. It's the same place his sister-in-law lives. Williams said if there was one thing Antanae was, it would be the person she was to her children.

"She was a dedicated mother. That she loved her children. That through thick or thin, she never left their side." 

Lopez, 28, leaves behind three children, the youngest of which was fathered by her killer, Terrell Blake, police say.

Blake also shot 25-year-old Willie Jakes at the same Post Avenue location before going on to shoot Blake’s son, 20-year-old Terrell Blake Jr.

Police later shot and killed Blake.

"She had issues like we all have issues, but she prevailed, through the good and the bad times," Williams said. "It's just sad. It's just really sad."

Lopez’s death has left Williams with nothing else to do but mellow out to the sounds of the music loved by the person who changed him for the better.

"And I think that's what I'm going to do today, in remembrance of her."